What’s it about?

The funds from EATFAIR are helping farmers in Uganda become more sustainable in their production of coffee and food crops. As well as seeds and tools, the farmers will also be given expert training, helping them nourish themselves, their families and their businesses.

The work

EATFAIR will work with field specialists, who’ll help smallholder growers to implement sustainable agricultural practices. They’ll talk to the growers about subjects like soil structure and fertility, erosion control, subsistence crop development and adapting to climate change.

How will it work?

All this will enable farmers across Uganda to grow more crops, feed their families and boost their earning potential by providing quality ingredients to Peros and similar Fairtrade brands. At EATFAIR, we’re proud to work with companies like Peros who are dedicated to providing a fair deal for producers.

Together, we can make a real difference to these farmers and to others across Sub-Saharan Africa.

A better deal for farmers